Cowboy Zeke


Yeehaw! Zeke loves the Wild West. Send a photo of your child in cowboy gear to

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The Twins Love Their Babybug

IMG_2789Beloved BABYBUG artist Susan Eaddy sent us this picture of her twin granddaughters (!) enjoying their matching magazines. As Susan wrote, “Not only are they chock full of fascinating art and poems but they apparently taste delicious, too!”

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One Tiny Reader, One Favorite Corner


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Mia in Her Favorite Corner

photo(3) photo(2)

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Xavier and His Babybug

Xavier R., age 2

Xavier R., age 2

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Yunshu’s Trick or Treat Outfit

Yunshu is all ready for some trick-or-treating. Adorable!

trick or treat

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Anthony and Isaiah

Don’t Anthony (3) and his little brother Isaiah (4 months) look dapper in their favorite outfits?

Anthony, age 3

Isaiah, age 4 months

Isaiah, age 4 months

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Saffron and Her Best Friend

BABYBUG reader Saffron has been best friends with her dog Turquoise for her entire life. Saffron goes by Saffy, and Turquise? Quoisie, of course.

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Meet the Cover Artist: Jill Dubin

Happy children, leaping dogs, friendly bugs and birds—the cover of the April issue of BABYBUG offers a peek into Jill Dubin’s imagination. The New York native/Atlanta transplant told us about the childhood experiences that inform her work, and the beautiful materials and landscape that inspire her.

Jill's latest BABYBUG cover.

Jill’s latest BABYBUG cover


Tell us something about your background, and your path to becoming an artist.


I grew up in Yonkers, New York. Since we were very close to New York City, I went to lots of wonderful museums. Although as a child I thought they were a bit stuffy, they have stayed with me as an entry to other worlds. I think back on time spent wandering The Cloisters, The Museum of Natural History, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can get lost in the detailed designs found on each suit of armor in the Hall of Armor and the intricate work on the jewelry in the Ancient Egyptian wing.

I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl. My parents always encouraged both my sister and I in our creativity. There were many afternoons we sat on the floor of our bedroom, drawing or making paper dolls or tiny box villages. From this childhood play, I began to think this was what I’d like to do all the time. Whenever asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was in the minority that actually knew. My answer was always, “I’m going to illustrate children’s books.”

I studied at Pratt Institute. The classes offered a variety of creative and challenging projects. The faculty opened our eyes to the possibilities before us, and by the time I graduated, the allure of children’s illustration had grown. My mother attended classes there, too, and my daughter graduated in recent years, so we are a three-generation family of Pratt alumni.

I worked for Fisher Price Toys, where my art appeared on lots of toys and baby items. When the winds of upstate New York got too cold to draw without wearing mittens, I moved to Atlanta to warm up. My husband, Clark, and I have stayed in the sunshine, though our son and daughter have grown and found vistas of their own.

Your cover artwork for the April BABYBUG is so dynamic and joyful! What inspired it?

There’s something magical about the image of gardening. Wheelbarrows just add to that with their timeless look and feel. The idea of loading up a wheelbarrow with plants and tools and going to the garden to dig in the dirt, just as the weather warms into spring, is appealing to both young and old. I played on that idea to create the cover. With that as inspiration, I began to sketch. The child running to get to the garden was the starting point. I always like to add some fun details, like birds and bugs and (of course) a few pets.

Though I love the image of the dogs running alongside the wheelbarrow, in truth my dogs would wander off into the neighbor’s yard if left to their own devices.

Can you describe your illustration process?

I go through piles of rough sketches while I develop the illustration. I’ll try lots of different ideas before I come up with one that I like. My finished piece is a collage of cut paper using colored pencil and pastels for details. I’ve collected all sorts of wonderful paper over the years and am always on the lookout for more. I use my sketch as a pattern and cut each piece and glue the picture together. It’s like a puzzle as I assemble it.

A sketch for the April cover.

A sketch for the April cover

Do you have any favorite picture books?

I have a lot of picture books on the shelves in my studio. One artist, who I loved as a child and continue to admire for his lively and whimsical art, is Hilary Knight. He illustrated the Eloise books as well as many others. I get lost in the fantasy worlds that he created, and that’s something I try to bring to my art.

Tell us about your other artistic interests.

With all this beautiful paper around me, I go back to my days of building paper villages. I make fantasy houses: some become ornamental birdhouses or mobiles, and others become part of a village, perched on a piece of wood. I find details in the patterns on the paper that become architectural details on the houses.

A fantasy village

A fantasy village

Along with my vast paper collection, I have another vast collection of wonderful fabric. Whether I’m constructing a paper sculpture or sewing a fabric purse, I enjoy getting caught up in the process of combining colors, patterns, and textures to create something interesting.


Glimpses of the paper collection

What would you do on a perfect spring day?

I love springtime. In Atlanta, spring comes early with the abundance of trees sprouting bright green leaves and bursts of colorful azaleas. My perfect day would be to plant some new flowers and then sit back with my sketchpad and draw. Since this is my ideal day, I’d have my dogs laying by my side and not digging the newly planted daylilies.

Do you have any sage words for other artists, young or old?

Let your imagination run wild, there are no rules, just enjoy the process.


A joyful cover from 2009

A joyful cover from 2009

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Jumping for Joy

Spring is coming, and BABYBUG readers are making the most of the warmer weather!

For many babies, a puddle is the best thing about spring.

For many little ones, a puddle is the best thing about spring.

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